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Edward Henny, National Star Roll 30 (b) (6) “Inside Page Preparation” Policy Verification. This is a partial list of witnesses. The case was decided on Monday, October 22, 2018. Master. One: We will light up your testimony about the record. What is the warning itself is valid, but the warranty is not valid. Of course, the first author is a letter on the back of the first application. Signature page, and this is the second agreement made by Aurora Bank. Why the difference is here about the contract. Today, a group of landlords sued Aurora Mortgage Lender LLC and asked the lender for tens of thousands of dollars until they had trouble repaying the loan with the company. The borrower only violates the power without notice. The lawsuit alleges that Aurora collected more than $ 100 million from the so-called “illegal profits.”

The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District Court of San Jose, California, USA. But Aurora says a three-month payment will help homeowners adjust, improve or sell mortgages. Seattle, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP and their lawyers say: “We believe Aurora’s health goals are just a tool for homeowners who want to own a home. “Room design. The lawsuit alleges that a few months later, Aurora removed borrowers’ homes from any notice and rejected a loan exchange request that did not allow creditors to enter anything in the system to end the financial crisis. despite the issuance of a contract of use. According to the lawsuit, training contracts offer four ways to reduce the current debt crisis: repay the loan as it is, repay it with another lender, change the terms of the loan as per Aurora’s decision, etc. Provide training as per company decision.

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Over the past three years, it has been tough for Beman owners to avoid worrying about eviction without getting enough credit.

Mr. Oliver: Are you ready?

Witness: Walt Aurora

Mr. Riley: Please read the answer again?

Written by Mr. Riley: Question: Why is there another certificate?


Well, I have no personal knowledge. I did not work for Aurora. My aunt

Realizing that … Aurora has a monitored image … obviously after your system image they have neither a back cover nor a back cover. He and someone at Aurora signed up and created a support list, um, to get a full notebook and go there with the knowledge at the end of the first, I remember, uh, there is, uh, the first support.

Question: So your advice is to complete the outfit if you know the terms

Witness: I do not know what you can call together, but he is ready, paper with a new agreement so you can take pictures, a different note image from the original note Confirm at the end of the signature page.

Back to the information you sent in the original document.

From your endorsements on it

This is a three-pillar page.

Your question on this matter is supported by Aurora

Add claim1?

Evidence: yes

Author M.R. Riley: Q: Yes, do you know how it happened?

And we have in our visualization system, when the loan comes from Aurora
National star to serve. This approval page contains an image of the memo.
Another image of the memo as it actually displays with other supporters. Oh
I spoke to Simon Ward Bra Brown…

Q Sorry, who are you?

a. Simon Ward Bra. Now a Nationstar employee, but first
Rora borrows Laura’s work, before giving the loan to the president.

Did he tell you how these signatures got to the cause?

Witness: We discussed how the two might be different, um, support pages

Site MR. Riley: S. When will the conversation take place?

I think it was last year

Q: Why wasn’t evidence of modified conflict included if it wasn’t a critical approach?

I don’t know why the evidence of the complaint was not provided. Clear

Nationstar wasn’t aware of the issue until it raised later, I guess lawsuit.

Author MR. Oliver: Now a question. I think you mentioned that you talked to Mr. Ward Brown about something.

Another group is another supporting thesis. Do I have this right?


Questions and additional confirmation sheets, do you think this was created by Aurora?



Q: Did he know how it was set up or why when I spoke?

With him?

We discussed what he thought, MMM, so

Explain why there is another confirmation page.

Q. When you discuss what you think happened, are you both really?

You would only think of potential if someone knew what had happened.

A. He did not say that he was present at the physical event at that time

It happens, so he tries. He thinks that’s what happens

This is his knowledge of the Aurora Service Rules and Procedures.

The problem is, he based his knowledge on Aurora’s general policy

Options for what might or may not have happened.

No. I think that is the only option.

S.P. Therefore, based on his knowledge of Aurora’s general policy, he stated his opinion.

What happened?

A.Aurora has her own style model. Ann

Aurora workers looked at the photo in the log and saw it wasn’t there

Testimonials book and records are part of the notebook. IG

The original comment, uh, the entry is on the last page of the signature

Well, Simon had the understanding and conviction that he was Aurora’s employee.

Then I created another fill page for the fill

Chain of approval of memo images in the system.

Q What is the name of the Aurora employee who did not see approval?


Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. He had everything he thought

Encourage an employee to look at the system model.

Question when did the unnamed employee create the second page?

No day, so I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s not

The card will show you when this happens.

Q. How did Aurora staff create the final facility?

I do not know

Q. Did you know that pages are created in Photoshop?

I do not know

Did you know that the site is physically Xeroxed with cut and paste?


I do not know

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