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Do you remember American wholesalers? This is a brand used by Countrywide, which was later acquired by Bank of America. Bank of America has stopped using the name, so Pam Williams, the attorney’s regional guarantor manager, questioned the transaction in which U.S. Wholesale Lender issued an approval letter for payment. A phone call to a fraud investigator at Bank of America confirmed Pam’s suspicions. The business was unique from the beginning. The owner of the property sued the US wholesaler for fraud, retaliation for ownership, improper business use, false closure, and silent ownership. The owner attempts to recover damages and prohibits relief and silent property rights for injuries caused by US wholesalers.

The owner has signed a contract with US Wholesale Loans. The contract agreement states that as long as the supplier has signed a new and trustworthy bill with a value of $ 130,000, an interest rate of 5.5%, and a 30-year term, US loans will be paid in full lien of a total of US $ 122,000. In fact, the new agreement reverses existing loans. Attorneys on behalf of landlords quietly sued the local loan officers for assistance in improving the curriculum. The borrower also lives with Morris Van Eck, vice president of the Loan Sales Company, who has agreed to pay him 2% of the loan amount as a down payment for the service fees. . He opened a trustee’s home in Attorney General in Irvine, California. The loan officer was ordered to repay by Bank of America and sent it immediately to the trustee. The supervisor has opened his records, ordered that the list be submitted, and awaits further information. Van Eck called a security officer to oversee the submission of new debt information. The officer got the information and started checking only to find out that the loan would be different from what he saw. The package saw:

  • Basically, there was an Agent Exchange if the Sales Company had chosen the CTC Construction Agency as the Agency’s representative. The replacement was assassinated July 23, 2011, by Maurice Van Eck, vice president of Mortgage American.
  • Brief Action Tips: Applications for products from US wholesale companies. It was also signed by Van Eck.
  • Closing Declaration of U.S. Wholesale Debt Consolidation Loan, $ 130,000. It was signed by Dennis L. Bell, President.
  • U.S. Owner Certificate and Mortgage Sale. The Settlement Agreement was signed by Van Eck.

The escort officer contacted the credit officer to find out what happened because she thought it was just a product. The credit officer is also not sure what will happen. He contacted Van Eck to clarify. Van Eck explained to the credit officer that it was a short-term payment on the existing loan, and American Wholesale Lender agreed to give the owner a new investment based on the Settlement Agreement. The mortgage lender then told Van Eck that he had submitted the deposit to file because the mortgage instructions indicated that the owner would pay 1.5 percent of the original amount and not 2 percent that was originally promised by the U.S. Wholesale Debt Officer that the loan was not in an agency owner to pay the fee, he is the authorized representative of a licensee, the owner knew that the contract was necessary to pay the original loan. Van Eck told the U.S. general manager’s lender that he would not repay the loan and said he would have to pay the landlord. The credit officer told Van Eck that the file could not be closed until this was agreed with the owner.

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Meanwhile, one of the owner’s attorneys called a guardian to find out how the transaction was going. The custodian explained that she was told these were refinancing documents and that she had a request for payment from Bank of America, showing that the total amount must be paid at $ 373,748.80. The lawyer asked her how she contacted Bank of America. She explained that her title report states that the property is mortgaged. The MERS investigation revealed that Bank of America serviced the property, so it ordered a meal from them. The payout request reflects an outstanding balance of $ 365,663.34. The lawyer reiterated that this was a short-paid transaction and confirmed that the guarantee manager had a copy of the settlement agreement. The wait server felt very comfortable contacting Pam Williams, her regional warehouse manager, who reviewed all the documents. Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong, the Settlement Agreement was fully executed and submitted to the court. Most troubling is that MERS points to Bank of America as the current loan service, which issues disbursement demand – while the U.S. Wholesale Agency provides short payment approvals. Based on the payment request, if we close and pay a small amount, $ 113,663.34 will still be lost.

Pam reviews the documents carefully and pays attention to the scam cable with instructions for sending money to bank accounts at TD Bank. Why does an American Wholesale lender have an account at TD Bank other than Bank of America? Pam asked the conditional clerk to set up a conference call with the attorney who contained it. Pam explained her concerns and disagreements to the lawyer. The lawyer became incredibly nervous and had nothing to do with the situation except that he was just an “agent,” and everyone who had to contact the US Van Eck wholesale loan said. Meanwhile, the Loan Officer helped record diligence to ensure the progress of the transaction. The lender expressed the same concern with Pamval Van Eck. How was Van Eck’s reaction? “Keep away from him. Ask if you need help. Otherwise, don’t contact the parties. All they do is cause trouble.” Pam saw many warning signs in this transaction. He decided to do a search to see if there were any other pending transactions similar to this one and found four more. He began to contact the Escrow Officer, informing him that this transaction could not be completed without the immediate approval of Bank of America’s short-term payments. As soon as Pam spoke to the custodial officer who handled Van Eck’s two transactions, Van Eck called her to check in and saw how the transaction was going. The Escrow Officer informed him that Bank of America’s approval was required. Van Eck didn’t hesitate and said, “Okay, so you can just shoot him.” And I hung upon him. Wow!

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