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The MAO Difference

Outsource your research to the Industry Leader

Your business is our business. Our team of top researchers will investigate all issues relating to each unique situation so you can provide the best service to your client. Mortgage Audits Online understands the needs of your clients, struggling homeowners. Our comprehensive securitization, forensic and performance packages will help you to assist your clients to successfully negotiate with lenders.

Services provided include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the mortgage documents so you can assist your client in pursuing probable legal claims against their lender.
  • Securitization services powered by the facilities of ABSNet®.
  • Summary and analysis of all applicable Federal and State Law Violations or infractions committed by lenders when they originally funded their loans.

Let us provide the tools that you need to provide an accurate assessment of securitization fraud. Loans with illegal terms and conditions and foreclosure resulting from illegal loans should not be enforced and should not be a burden to your clients.

Modification Companies and Attorneys representing clients who need to modify, litigate or short sale will benefit from our mortgage analysis services.  A complete analysis, including securitization and forensic review of closing documents will bring the violations contained in your clients mortgage to the surface.  When faced with the option of modification or short sale vs. foreclosure, litigation, or stiff federal fines and penalties, many lenders will choose to modify or short sale as the most feasible option.